Peace Lily Meaning: The Complete Guide

Peace Lilies are incredibly popular plants. People buy and gift these flowers because of their bright petals and the message behind them. Since there are several Peace Lily meanings, it’s best to be aware of each one before you gift a bouquet.

Depending on the situation, Peace Lilies can have quite a few interpretations. Some cultures see the flowers as a symbol of peace, innocence, and purity. Yet, others believe the plants represent healing, longevity, and rebirth.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at some of the most significant Peace Lily meanings. We’ll also take a look at what the flower means if you tattoo it on your body.

Peace Lily Flower Meanings

Peace Lilies have been around for hundreds of years. As they spread throughout the world, many cultures link the flowers to unique meanings.

So, let’s take a look at some of these plants’ most significant symbolism.

1.   Peace

As you can guess by the name, the most common meaning behind these flowers is peace. The stunning plants symbolize calm and tranquility.

This is likely due to the fact that the petals look like a white flag, which can represent surrender.

That’s why many people all across the globe choose to gift Peace Lilies to signal a truce. It can be a way for someone to express that they’re looking for a fresh start.

Gifting a single flower can be a way to extend an olive branch between battling parties. Yet, a full bouquet is an invitation to a long and hopefully prosperous future.

2.   Sympathy

While white usually represents peace, that’s not always the case. In some cultures, the soft white petals can stand for sympathy.

After a loved one goes through a serious ordeal, they tend to need a little pick-me-up. They want a sign that there’s still good in the world and that the situation will get better.

An excellent way to show that is through Peace Lilies. The flowers can bring a sense of happiness and love to the person receiving the bouquet.

You can also gift these flowers to offer people your condolences. It’s a simple and elegant way to show someone you care while allowing them to mourn privately.

3.   Exotic Beauty

Peace Lily flower close up

As children, when someone asked us to paint a flower, we would draw five petals around a circle. That’s the traditional shape that most of us grew up with. Yet, there are hundreds of other flower structures all over the world.

Peace Lilies have a unique petal shape. Each flower usually has a single petal that wraps around the stamen.

This elegant display is both special and incredibly stunning. It may not be what we’re all used to, but it still has its own essence of beauty.

A bouquet of these flowers can represent finding beauty in the strangest of places.

4.   Long Lifespan

As we mentioned before, these plants have been around for quite some time. The reason Peace Lilies have managed to survive all these years is because of their growth cycle.

These flowers can live for more than two years without much intervention. Some even live well past the ten-year mark.

This is a relatively long time for a plant to thrive. Plus, these plants don’t require any special attention to grow.

That’s why they can represent longevity. So, giving someone a Peace Lily can be a way for you to wish them a long and happy life.

5.   Rebirth

Peace Lilies are perennial plants, which means that they can flower over many years.

Typically, around springtime, the lily will produce a bud that will bloom into a flower. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the petals will start to lose shape and wilt.

By the end of spring, the flower will completely dry and fall off. The plant will then lie dormant for the next several months, with only a few leaves left.

Yet, as soon as the climate warms up again, the Peace Lily will grow a new bud.

This stands for how life can dim someone’s light through a tough situation. However, with a new dawn, that person can bloom again and find a new purpose in life.

For that reason, gifting these flowers can symbolize rebirth.

6.   Healing

Peace lilies in a field

When growing Peace Lilies, you have to provide the plants with specific requirements. That includes a regular watering schedule and occasionally adding fertilizer.

If gardeners neglect one of these factors, the flowers will wilt and may not survive. Yet, you can still breathe life back into the petals.

All you have to do is ensure you meet all the requirements, and the flower will plump up again. The plants don’t allow yesterday’s baggage to stop them from growing.

They heal from the unfortunate event and find a way to move on.

7.   Purity

White is the universal color of purity. That’s why many brides choose to wear the color on their wedding day.

There are a few reasons why people consider white so virtuous. First off, the color represents a blank canvas.

It’s a wide-open page that allows you the opportunity to paint in any detail you want.

Other than that, white will highlight any blemishes or imperfections. For example, if you spill food on a white shirt, you can clearly see the stain from a mile away.

Finally, Peace Lilies have an innate ability to purify the air. All these traits together can represent a new, clean slate.

8.   Hope

Many of us are familiar with the saying, “It’s always darkest before dawn.” We use this as a way of reminding ourselves that things can still get better.

Even when the entire world feels like it’s crumbling apart, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

This light can come in the form of Peace Lilies. The white petals can be a way to remind someone that tomorrow can be much brighter than today.

You can gift these flowers to tell someone that sadness is temporary. Just because you can’t see the end of the strife doesn’t mean it’ll last forever.

9.   Platonic Friendship

Peace Lily close up

Most of the time, people think gifting flowers is a romantic gesture. Yet, that’s not always the case.

This is only true for red and pink petals, which symbolize fiery, passionate love. However, white petals are much more innocent.

That’s why you can use Peace Lilies to signify platonic love. You can give them to friends, family, and even co-workers.

Doing so will show them you care, without them mistaking the flower for a romantic gesture. Peace Lilies are also an excellent way to break the ice with someone you just met.

10. Prosperity

When you look at a Peace Lily, the first thing you notice is the pale flower. It stands straight up, calling everyone in the room to gaze at the petals.

Because of that, many people can forget the importance of the leaves. These structures are responsible for gathering light so that the plant can produce energy.

That’s why many people consider the leaves the true life essence of the plant.

Peace Lilies happen to have plenty of broad leaves. These can signify prosperity and abundance. So, giving someone this lily can be a way to wish them a happy, comfortable life.

Peace Lily Tattoo Meaning

With tattoos becoming increasingly popular, more people are opting for Peace Lily images. Now, depending on the placement, the flower can have a few different meanings.

Untitled design 32

Hands or Arms

When you tattoo a Peace Lily on a visible section, like the hands or arms, it means purity and hope.

With the image in plain sight, you can show the world that you’re looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Plus, you display how sympathetic you can be to other people’s problems.

Chest or Back

Choosing a concealed area like the chest or the back changes the meaning of the tattoo. In these locations, the flower stands for inner peace.

It’s a person’s way of presenting that they’ve been through their fair share of struggles. However, they’re not going to let these issues stop them from living their lives.


Tattooing a Peace Lily on your legs is a sign of healing. People use the image to remind themselves that moving on is a process.

It doesn’t magically happen overnight. Instead, you have to wake up every morning and decide to push through and carry on with your life.

Multiple Locations

If you plan on tattooing a bouquet of Peace Lilies or getting several ones, the meaning can change.

Having multiple flowers on your body is a symbol of longevity and prosperity. Just like the flowers manage to thrive, so can you.

Wrapping Up

Few people know the full breadth of Peace Lily meanings. Most of us are familiar with the normal interpretation, which is peace.

Yet, the plant can symbolize much more than that. Some cultures use the flower to represent long lifespans, healing, and prosperity.

Others use Peace Lilies as a sign of sympathy, purity, and hope. You can even gift these flowers as a way of showing someone you care about them platonically.

These representations will also translate if you get a tattoo of the plant. However, you have to remember the location of the image will play a major role in the meaning.

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