17 Peace Lily Varieties

Peace Lilies are one of the most gorgeous houseplants. It’s believed that having a Peace Lily at home brings wealth, health, and luck. So, what are the most popular types and Peace Lily varieties?

There are more than 40 Peace Lily varieties, and each one of them is as beautiful as the other. From White Stripe to Cupido, to Sensation Peace Lily, you can never go wrong with having one.

In today’s article, we go deep into the Peace Lily different varieties to know more about each one of them.

Here are 17 of the most popular Peace Lily types:

1. Jetty Peace Lily

Jetty Peace Lily is known for its deep green leaves with their glossy appearance. It produces signature Peace Lily white flowers, which are, specifically, long-lasting.

The Jetty Peace Lily is one of the fast-growing plants that can reach up to 24 inches tall. It would fit perfectly on a small table next to your bedroom window.

2. Patricia Peace Lily

Patricia is a small and compact variety of Peace Lily with dark green foliage. It also blooms white flowers with a yellow center, which contrasts perfectly with the color of its leaves.

Just like all Peace Lilies, Patricia Peace Lily is easy to grow and care for. It doesn’t grow as big as other species; however, it’s not the smallest.

3. White Stripe (Silver Streaked) Peace Lily

Unlike most Peace Lily species, the leaves of White Stripe Peace Lily don’t have that glossy look. Contrarily, its foliage is matte with a white stripe running along the center of each leaf.

Other than the name “White Stripe,” the plant goes by names like “White Lightning” and “Silver Streak.”

Although the leaves are somehow different, the plant produces a white flower similar to other Peace Lilies.

The White Stripe is one of the rare types of Peace Lilies. Having one at home, with its contrasting white and green foliage, adds a unique touch to your interior.

4. Little Angel Peace Lily

The Little Angel Peace Lily is a dwarf and compact type that has narrowing foliage at the tips. In addition, this species blooms more readily than others.

The plant grows to be 6–12 inches tall, and produces mesmerizing white flowers that are two to three inches tall. The flowers grow above the leaves giving the plant bouquet vibes.

5. Domino Peace Lily

Domino Peace Lily is a larger type of Spathiphyllum that stands 30 inches tall. It’s known for its glossy, deep green foliage that has those astonishing small cream streaks and freckles.

The ruffled leaves contrast amazingly with the six inches-tall white flowers that last for months after blooming.

6. Peace Lily Allison

Peace Lily Allison is one of the most popular varieties of Peace Lily. It’s medium in size and has the signature Peace Lily dark-green, glossy foliage.

This low-maintenance species of Peace Lily reaches a height of two feet tall. Additionally, it produces hooded white flowers that somehow resemble Calla Lilies.

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7. Sensation Peace Lily

Sensation Peace Lily is the largest variety of Peace Lilies, reaching a height of six feet. Its massive beautifully grooved foliage and deep green color will instantly give you a tropical forest ambiance.

Tolerating low light, this Peace Lily makes a great indoor plant, and it also blooms mesmerizing yellow-centered white flowers. Due to its enormous size, its perfect placement is on the floor.

8. Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily

This type of Peace Lily is medium-sized. It can reach four feet tall, and its leaves grow to be as big as 12 inches wide. On average, the single glossy leaf of Mauna Loa measures nine inches long.

This specific species is thinner than other Peace Lilies and blooms beautiful, pure-white flowers. The flowers of this specific species are larger than most of the flowers of other varieties.

Amazingly, this plant’s stems, alone, can get as thick as four inches.

9. Piccolino Peace Lily

Another dwarf, compact Peace Lily variety, the Piccolino Peace Lily doesn’t get any higher than 12 inches.

It’s known to have pure white flowers with a faint yellow center, growing among those glossy dark green leaves.

10. Clevelandii Peace Lily

Clevelandii Peace Lilies are known for their exceptionally long leaves. A single leaf can grow as long as 18 inches. The plant itself, when grown at home, doesn’t exceed the three-foot limit.

In tropical areas, however, Clevelandii Peace Lily may grow to reach the six feet mark. As for the blooms, this species, like many of the Peace Lily varieties, produce amazingly large white flowers.

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11. Snowflower Peace Lily

Snowflower Peace Lily prefers shade. It possesses oval leaves with long pointy ends that can reach eight inches long and 3.6 inches wide.

The plant blooms yellowish, or greenish-white large flowers. The spathe itself rises almost eight inches long, wrapping a spadix of about the same length.

12. Silver Cupido Peace Lily

This is a special kind of Peace Lily. With its silver-variegated leaves, Silver Cupido is a classy houseplant. It is, by all means, a head-turner and a conversation starter.

Silver Cupido Lily is quite easy to care for. Just like other Spathiphyllum, it tolerates low-lit areas and thrives in medium light as well as average humidity.

This plant also produces white flowers with a 12-inch spathe, hugging a 4.5-inch spadix.

13. Peace Lily Petite

One more type of dwarf compact Peace Lily is the Peace Lily Petite. The word “petite” means small in french and this species is small indeed.

This variety of Peace Lily grows up to only 18 inches tall, and it bears the signature glossy, dark-green leaves with pointed apex.

It’s yet another perfect houseplant for beginner gardeners, and it can fit perfectly over your coffee table.

14. Cannifolium Peace Lily

This variety of Peace Lily bears a resemblance of leaves to the plant Canna. That’s why it’s called “Canni-folium” Peace Lily.

The plant has the uniquely gorgeous Peace Lily foliage, which is dark green with deeply engraved veins. It blooms a yellow to ivory flower, wrapped around an ivory spadix.

Cannifolium Peace Lily is just as suitable for balconies, gardens, and parks, as it is for indoor decoration.

16. Chopin Peace Lily

One last medium-sized variety of the Peace Lily family is the Chopin Peace Lily. Over the course of two to five years, this plant doesn’t surpass the three-foot limit.

The white flowers blooming from this species grow over a dense spike, usually from spring to autumn.

Like all the other plants falling under the Peace Lily umbrella, you should keep it out of reach of children and pets. Peace Lilies are considered mildly toxic and can cause severe irritations.

17. Picasso Peace Lily

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Finishing up strong, the Picasso Peace Lily is one of the most beautiful variations of Spathiphyllum, and it’s quite rare.

If you see its foliage, you’ll understand where the name comes from. The variegated leaves appear like they have white paint strokes all over them.

Blooming equally charming white flowers, the Picasso Peace Lily is, without a doubt, unique and mesmerizing.

Conclusion On Peace Lily Varieties

No doubt that Peace Lilies are great to have. They’re known for their air-purifying qualities and fascinating foliage. Interestingly, different types of Peace Lily vary widely in many aspects.

You can get a dwarf, small, large, or giant Peace Lily to fit whatever space you have. Whether a rare type or not, Peace Lilies are joyful to look at.

From the astonishing freckled leaves of Domino Peace Lilies to the huge, thick, ribbed foliage of Sensation Peace Lilies, there’s always a type for your preference.

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